EMMI aims to create and conduct cutting edge research projects, which result in new materials, technologies and commercial products. Hence the question of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and other legal aspects of collaborative research are of high importance.

EMMI provides a complete legal framework for research projects among EMMI's members, or with external parties:

  • EMMI's Internal Regulation defines the 'basic rules' of collaborative research: confidentiality, protection and exploitation of IPR, and liability rules are all covered in detail in the Internal Regulation.
  • EMMI has summarised a Guide to Good Practices which covers the execution of research projects, among other topics.
  • In addition, detailed contract templates are available for Specific Cooperation Agreements, Non-disclosure Agreements etc.

It is worth noting that all our members have extensive experience in conducting projects with commercial partners.

(NB: EMMI's legal structure is described under the menu item About EMMI / Structure)