EMMI was created in the framework of the European FP6 Network of Excellence FAME (Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering of Hybrids and Ceramics). FAME initiated a number of very successful research collaborations and educational projects, and EMMI is the main tool for durable integration of the FAME network.

The main objectives of EMMI are to

  • serve as a European platform for its members to create and conduct projects in research and education in the field of multifunctional materials science
  • define a legal framework for joint research projects and co-owned intellectual property rights
  • provide an infrastructure for information exchange, including internal and external communication tools, databases and organisation of conferences, schools and meetings
  • raise the profile and visibility of its members in multifunctional materials research, in order to attract new funding and projects, industrial collaborators, talented researchers and students, and political support
  • develop long-term collaboration with industry partners, by offering an “adherent partner” status to industry which includes some of the services mentioned above, as well as other services
  • develop roadmaps and strategic guidance for future research