Three EMMI members from University Liège, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, and University Cantabria in Santander, have joined forces in order to launch a collaborative project, based on three locally financed PhDs. Each of the three PhD students works in two of the partner labs, so that the cluster as a whole forms a triangle. 

All three projects concern computer modelling of materials, using first- and second principles techniques in order to calculate electromagnetic properties. A detailed description of each project can be found on the IDS-FunMat website:

The projects started in autumn 2016.

The concept of PhD clusters was developed by EMMI and first implemented in the project EJD-FunMat, which is funded by the Marie-Curie programme in Horizon 2020. EJD-FunMat consists of 15 PhD clustered in 6 PhD clusters with topics from Energy, Environment, ICT, and Health. For descriptions of the EJD-FunMat PhD projects please visit the IDS-FunMat website: